Bathroom Design Trends for 2016


If you’re looking to renew your bathroom in the upcoming months and you’ve started searching for some inspiration, let us give you a little help! Get on track with some of this year’s trends and inspire yourself to revamp your bathroom as you like.
Here you have some of Graccioza’s favourite trends for this year:

1) Wood

There’s plenty of advantages in choosing wood for your bathroom: it is durable, it reflects light wonderfully, it offers colour and depth, and it can soften the look of hard ceramic finishes.

Wood can give a sense of natural warmth to your bathroom, and although some might think it will look too traditional, we can guarantee that it is possible to come up with elegant and luxurious wooden themed bathrooms.  Just give it a try!

2) Earthy Materials

Earthy materials like natural stone and river rock all around your bathroom are also a great trend for this year. 

Designers are starting to embrace natural materials and minerals that contrast with each other. It offers a visual and tactile texture for the space. Give up porcelain and start opting for a kiln-fired ceramic or polished-stone sink instead: this will really instill a modernized touch to your bathroom.

3) White

Can we say that white is the new black? We think we do! Sometimes less is more when it comes to bathroom decoration. A fresh and contemporary vibe can be recreated with a clean mood.

Try to achieve a serene look and less fuss with white! Obviously, we suggest you to paint it with our colour range, choosing some of our 42 colour pallete products.