Stonewash finish: denim effect for a casual look


Innovation is part of our DNA. We innovate constantly thanks to the energy, dedication and expertise of our team. Approaching the market with novelties is part of our identity, carried and deployed by everyone involved in our brand.

In 2016 it couldn't be different! That's why we present to you, first-hand, Stonewash finish: the new and pioneering Graccioza finishing treatment that assures our products a faded and worn look, the perfect choice for a casual environment at any bathroom.

denim bath mat
denim bath rug

Our stonewash products guarantee a carefree, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, yet with a sophisticated touch. An innovative and different approach that brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

The same quality of the fabrics, the same heart of the manufacturing, the same premium bath rugs and towels, but with a distinct finishing touch. For the ones that like some fancy bath decoration!