A house with a view

If you came here to read about some imposing, immense, full of activity hotel, then you came to the wrong place. 1872 River House is nothing like that, but it is - in its own cozy and warm way - a magnificent place to stay. 

Located in Porto, with a breathtaking view of the Douro river, this house takes you to a place of freedom. Integrated in one of the best locations of the city and with an impeccable decoration, this renewed XIX century house can easily become one of the best places to stay in the city, offering you the best of two worlds: you're welcomed if you wish to rest, but also more than welcomed if you want to wander around and discover new stories.

There, nothing is left to change! It’s exquisite, yet minimalistic and simple. It’s rustic and traditional, yet with a contemporary twist. And it suits very well with the mood that Graccioza’s wanted to achieve in our latest collection.

At this River House, every moment matters. There is time to read a book at the terrace, to have a drink at any time of day, and to chat with those who enter or with those who leave.