What to do in Porto

We are not tired of saying how much we are proud of our roots! We love Porto, one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations, and we believe it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this city once you visit it.

So if you're thinking about paying us a visit, we have some suggestions for you!


1. Take a cruise on the Douro River

Taking a cruise along the Douro River is one of the best ways to see and experience the beauty of the city. You witness amazing views and sceneries, from the five bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto right up the Douro River eastwards to the Port wine vineyards.

There are several different types of cruises depending on your budget and the length of time you have to stay. 

2. Lose yourself in the city centre

In the city there are an unending number of buildings from different architectural styles, amongst which “Livraria Lello” stands out: one of the three most beautiful bookshops in the world. “Torre dos Clérigos” and “Casa da Música” are other top buildings to visit, each one of a very diverse style.

You can also find plenty of shopping options – commercial streets (like “Rua Santa Catarina”), local markets (like “Mercado do Bolhão”), shopping centres (like “Via Catarina”), and a lot of renowned restaurants and cafés (like “Majestic”: considered one of the most beautiful in the world, located in the heart of downtown Porto).

3. Experience a Porto Wine Cellar

Porto Wine is part of the city DNA and is present in the city’s life in a multitude of forms. The Port Wine Cellars - located in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river from the old city centre of Porto - is where the companies age the wines they produce in the Demarcated Region of Douro, in old wooden barrels. 

It is possible to have guided tours and tastings of different varieties of the Port wine, where you can learn about its history. 

4. Enjoy an evening in a esplanade

Porto is a riverside city, also bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its pleasant beaches and appetizing esplanades together with its excellent climate make the perfect scenery for an evening drink. 

Find the perfect esplanade for you in one of the marinas or docks in Vila Nova de Gaia, Foz or Matosinhos.

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