Welcome Autumn

We love every season of the year in here. We do! Every one of them has its own charm and inspire us in a different way. Now that we are welcoming autumn in Portugal, it’s no different!

It’s a fascinating time of the year! The temperature is still comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities; the golden feeling of autumn leaves break into every park and garden of the country; it’s the perfect season to have a cup of tea enjoying the warm sunshine; and even if it eventually rains (we know that happens) you can stay under the duvet watching films or you can just light a fire and appreciate some quality time.

In short, here comes an exciting time of the year! We are no longer sad that the summer is gone, but we are ready for a new, creative and motivating chapter. And we are starting it by showing you some of our latest photography  work, together with our Premium Long Double Loop Bath Towels.

Make your Autumn count! We will do the same!