Idyllic escape at Luz Houses

A getaway to a place of complete harmony can be a very needed and memorable moment of a person's life. There’s something really special about an escape to a place where you can just relax, surrounded by the best of nature in a calm and peaceful environment. 

And that’s exactly what Luz Houses represents! This hideaway in Fatima, Portugal, which welcomed our Portuguese Woven Bath Mats to a special photo session, is all about guarantying a stress-free atmosphere where people can clear their minds and feed their souls.

luz houses.png

Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Luz Houses is probably one of Fatima’s best-kept secrets. There, every house has a story and the village is hidden in a mystical forest that invites you to get lost where the past, present and future play with each other, in harmony. 

If you’re looking to take a break from the hectic swing of a busy season, there’s no better place to do it than this! You can breathe the fresh and pure air, you can hear the birds singing, you can explore the forest, you can absorbe all the energy that nature has to offer and simply recharge.

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