Beyond Luxury: Graccioza's 2018 collection is now available


With a new year, we are presented with new challenges, the chance to achieve new goals and find new opportunities. But most of all, a new year gives us a chance of renewal.

So here we are, with a renewed collection and a renewed commitement to our business, our products and our clients. Our 2018 collection is the full expression of what we love the most: luxurious, high-end bath linen. The epitome of sophisticated bath textiles, authentic in elegance and quality.

CHESS MOOD (2).jpg

We believe that it's not for nothing that Graccioza has been described as the world's leading and most luxurious bath linen. While developing our 2018 collection we not only wanted to live up to that title, but to step it up, providing a collection that goes beyond luxury, supported by our tradition and knowledge of 40 years.


Made from the finest fibres and employing the most innovative techniques, our 2018 linen joins the pleasure of soft and noble matters to the delicacy of sublte tones and designs.

Step into luxury in 2018 with Graccioza!


Be still, our 2017 collection is here!


There are moments of quietness that really inspire us. There are moments of stillness that instigate the best in each one of us. There are moments to sit, be still and just appreciate our surroundings. Preparing our 2017 catalogue, we’ve lived one of these moments. It was special, such as our 2017 collection.

This year we ran away to Alentejo to photograph our new collection, where we’ve witnessed incredible beauty and immensurable splendor. We found freedom, contact with nature, never-ending fields, endless vineyards and the most amazing sound of birds echoing during the day, washing away all the solitude. 


With a captivating sun and a gentle breeze, which invited us to contemplate the best of life, we’ve seen our bath linen come to life and our hard work bearing fruits. 

Alentejo was a dream and so is our Premium European Bath Linen, Graccioza: the most exclusive and luxurious bath rugs, mats, towels and robes.

Hope you like it as much as we do!


We can never have enough of nature

The aspen trees
Their Golden leaves
all have a song to sing.
— Joel Ansett - Turn to Gold
nature inspiration textiles

Oh nature! We love it; we're inspired by it; we can't really live without it! 

We have expressed our love for nature plenty of times before. Nature is for us true royalty and our collection woudn't be the same without it. So here we are again talking about how we find ourselves when we get lost in the immense beauty of the world surrounding us.

There's something special about glorious places where nature is king just waiting to be explored. Breathtaking sceneries and locations full of wonders that retain their allure put our senses in order.

nature inspiration textiles
nature inspiration bath mats

We do not get tired of it and our advice to you is: in these days, with the weather inviting to some adventure, find a new place, breathe in the air and recharge.

Find more about our nature inspired collection, Bio Luxury, here.


Heavenly touch with cool cashmere


Graccioza Collection unites the best of European design and the finest textiles. Our bath rugs and towels are designed and manufactured with excellence in mind, our fibres are carefully chosen and our approach is pioneering considering both design and comfort for the bath. 

The cashmere fibres provide a superior lightness and warmth. Graccioza have woven the finest cashmere yarns into the softest, most blissful bath products. 


As these products combine cashmere with superb quality cotton, they’re strong, durable and perfectly washable. This fine fibre makes Graccioza’s products warm, soft and incredibly appealing.


Bathroom Paint Colours


Colour is a very important part of your home decoration. Weather you choose beige tones for a quiet and peaceful mood, strong tones for a vibrant ambience, or some shades of gray for a sophisticated and serene atmosphere, it’s a well-known fact that colour plays a big part creating the perfect environment for your bathroom.

42 colour palette

What we think is great with our colour collection is that it enables you to play a little bit, trying to coordinate your own decoration and paint tones with our 42 colour palette. With such a big range comes an infinite sea of possibilities to achieve the perfect atmosphere for your bathroom décor.

Here you have some paint colours that we really like at this moment!


New in 2016: Wild Waffle Towel and Throw


One thing you can be sure is that every year we work hard to be able to present novelties that will please our most discerning customers and make all the difference in our collections. Our purpose is not only to show something new, but to show something original and distinctive; products with individuality. We do it like no one!

Our Wild Waffle towel and throw, thought in detail to be distinct and exquisite, is one of Graccioza’s most unique and diverse bath products.


Its honeycomb pattern gives it a different and edgy look, at the same time providing an exceptional texture that will still feel very soft. Super absorbent and able to dry quickly, this bath towel do not disappoint!

Jagged look, but smooth texture: a perfect contradiction!


Bathroom Design Trends for 2016


If you’re looking to renew your bathroom in the upcoming months and you’ve started searching for some inspiration, let us give you a little help! Get on track with some of this year’s trends and inspire yourself to revamp your bathroom as you like.
Here you have some of Graccioza’s favourite trends for this year:

1) Wood

There’s plenty of advantages in choosing wood for your bathroom: it is durable, it reflects light wonderfully, it offers colour and depth, and it can soften the look of hard ceramic finishes.

Wood can give a sense of natural warmth to your bathroom, and although some might think it will look too traditional, we can guarantee that it is possible to come up with elegant and luxurious wooden themed bathrooms.  Just give it a try!

2) Earthy Materials

Earthy materials like natural stone and river rock all around your bathroom are also a great trend for this year. 

Designers are starting to embrace natural materials and minerals that contrast with each other. It offers a visual and tactile texture for the space. Give up porcelain and start opting for a kiln-fired ceramic or polished-stone sink instead: this will really instill a modernized touch to your bathroom.

3) White

Can we say that white is the new black? We think we do! Sometimes less is more when it comes to bathroom decoration. A fresh and contemporary vibe can be recreated with a clean mood.

Try to achieve a serene look and less fuss with white! Obviously, we suggest you to paint it with our colour range, choosing some of our 42 colour pallete products.


Places to visit in May


Are you keen to travel in May? We are! The weather is getting warmer and the general mood seems to be improving. That makes the perfect timing to explore new places and get to know new cultures.

Are you up for a trip? Than we have some suggestions for you!

Lake Como, Italy


Not far from Milan, Lake Como is one of the most famous Italian lakes. With two long ‘legs’ and the picturesque town of Bellagio situated between them, the lake is long, slender and extremely deep. 

You can admire the blue waters and get inspired and relaxed by an unforgettable wooded lakeside. A perfect picture you wouldn’t imagine to see in person!

Canggu, Bali

Image by travelandleisure

Image by travelandleisure

Bali’s beaches attract all types of sun lovers. Canggu, in South Bali, is just getting more and more treasured and talked about by surfers and general people hungry for some enjoyable summer time. 

Full of veggie-focused restaurants, Australian-style cafés, and quirky hotels, Canggu is the perfect destination for the summer worshipers, where you have everything to be happy: the sea, the most incredible beach bars and the most beautiful sunsets ever. Give it a try!

Vojvodina, Serbia

vojvodina serbia

With a multicultural heritage, Vojvodina is a great place to visit in May: a slow traveler’s dream. It has a laid-back lifestyle, easily explored by car, or cycling the Danube Bike Trail through sunflower-streaked fields, and is the perfect destination for someone who loves ancient cities.

Three rivers mark Vojvodina’s three historic regions: Bačka, shared with Hungary; Banat, shared with Romania; and Srem, shared with both Croatia and Central Serbia. Be amazed by this province! 



Premium silk for a luxurious look


Silk is one of the most popular fabrics for textiles, known for its strength, resiliency and elasticity. Aside from that, because of its fineness and softness, any product in silk will feel very comfortable and perform wonderfully.

Silk is also one of our carefully selected fibres. Finely crafted with love and tradition, from a fine blend of soft cotton and smooth silk, our silk products have unparallel quality and precious softness. 

This fibre is also luxurious, absorbent and easy to drape. Expect nothing but greatness!

opulent silk bath rug

Stonewash finish: denim effect for a casual look


Innovation is part of our DNA. We innovate constantly thanks to the energy, dedication and expertise of our team. Approaching the market with novelties is part of our identity, carried and deployed by everyone involved in our brand.

In 2016 it couldn't be different! That's why we present to you, first-hand, Stonewash finish: the new and pioneering Graccioza finishing treatment that assures our products a faded and worn look, the perfect choice for a casual environment at any bathroom.

denim bath mat
denim bath rug

Our stonewash products guarantee a carefree, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, yet with a sophisticated touch. An innovative and different approach that brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

The same quality of the fabrics, the same heart of the manufacturing, the same premium bath rugs and towels, but with a distinct finishing touch. For the ones that like some fancy bath decoration!


The finest cotton: softness that feels like nothing else

egyptian cotton

Cotton has been making the world a softer place for centuries. Of all the natural fibres, it has the longest tradition and the best reputation for softness, strength and comfort.

Sorema selects the world's finest yarns and there is no better material to guarantee softness and strength for our products. Cotton makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress. Its ability to absorb liquids gives it deeper, brighter and more resistant colours.

The most soft feel and the most silky touch in a great collection of bath products. Only with Graccioza!

egyptian cotton towels

Come find us at Ambiente 2016

Home is the best place you can be, especially if you are all for making it cosy and comfy. Ambiente is exactly about that: ideas to create your own cosy shell with the most incredible furnishings, accessories and textiles. For every taste and for every style.

9am, at Messe Frankfurt, the doors open and the frenzy begins! Amidst the most incredible and creative brands for interiors and decoration items, there we are, with Graccioza – Premium European Bath Linen – full of ideas to create inspiring, exclusive and classy bathroom moods.

Our stand has everything that’s part of our DNA: come and find our 42 colour pallete of towels, rugs and mats; our unique linen products; our exclusive memory foam bath rug; our innovative stonewash finishing; and plenty other items! Come and discover a collection that will surprise you!

A lot goes on in here!

Our Long Double Loop range, with bath towels and rugs in a range of 42 colours, is here in full force. Whether you want to create  a mood that feels light and airy or cozy and intimate, you have plenty of options to craft your own unique picture. Isn't a 42 colour palette enough for you?

Unique Linen
Linen makes our products naturally elegant and sophisticated. Much can be said about it, but one thing is for sure: this fabric has been revered since ancient times for its strength and absorbency. Softened with premium cotton and created in a palette of natural hues, our linen products make a relaxed and stylish statement. They don’t disappoint.

Egyptian cotton
We do our work with the best yarns in the world: that's why we use Egyptian cotton. Its extra-long fibres provide products with a luxurious and silk touch. Its softness feels like nothing else in the world and its ability to absorb liquids gives it a deeper, brighter and more resistant colour.

Stonewash Finish
It's new, it's refreshing, it's different: a pioneering Graccioza finishing treatment that assures our products a faded and worn look. The perfect choice for a casual environment at any bathroom, bringing a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Find this and much more at hall 9.0, Stand E29! We will be waiting for you!


Unique Linen for unique products

One thing you can be sure is that the quality of our products is not only defined by the rigor and excellence of our manufacturing, but also by the carefully chosen fibres that we select for each one. We believe that this choice is a fundamental part of our work!

With that said, we'll begin a series of blogs talking about our carefully selected fibres. And to start it all, lets talk about Linen!

cubic towel graccioza
new arrow graccioza

Unique Linen:

Blessed with an easy-living appeal that has made it a modern favourite, linen has been revered since ancient times for its strength, absorbency and natural elegance.

Linen guarantees very strong and resistant products, while also ensuring comfort. Softened with premium cotton and created in a palette of natural hues, Sorema’s linen products make a relaxed and stylish statement.

Sorema's Unique Linen guarantees a premium and sophisticated bath linen with products that will catch your attention and give a luxurious mood to any bathroom.

Toscane bath towel graccioza

It's a new year


2016 arrived and with it our brand new Collection: an extensive and exclusive line of home textiles that aim to provide a unique and distinctive atmosphere to any place.

This year, we are keeping our focus on delivering a complete luxury home concept that consider both design and comfort, guarantying a Premium European Bath Linen that embraces every aspect of the modern home: design, shapes, fabrics and technology. 

Once again, we are setting the trends with our elegant, luxurious and remarkable collections with modern appeal: Pure Colour, Opulent, Bio Luxury, Bath Fashion, Young & Sport, and SPA Therapy are our suggestions for this year.  

Everything is thought in detail and manufactured to the highest standards with hand-picked materials and perfect finishing. 

Step into luxury with Graccioza 2016 Collection!


Vila Joya: a real delight

Vila Joya is one of the most unique and luxurious hotels of Portugal, with a dreamily picture-perfect beachside location, and is looking even greater now with Graccioza’s products.


Situated on an idyllic location, with a breathtaking view over the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by an exquisite garden that almost feels like Eden, this place shines even brighter now that some Graccioza products can enlighten the best of it. 
The ‘House of Joy‘, or ‘Jewelry Box‘, is a small oriental palazzo on the edge of a cliff overlooking the picturesque Atlantic coast. Vila Joya welcomes guests and friends with the words “Welcome to paradise, welcome to Vila Joya” and in fact, looking down from the terraces across the sub-tropical gardens with palm trees, cypresses and beautiful flowers to the sparkling Atlantic ocean and the sunset framed with trees, we really feel the paradise around us. It brings a wonderful feeling for the body, mind and soul!


Vila Joya is Algarve's most exquisite boutique hotel and spa, which should be right in the top of your “places to visit” list, with perfect sets for relaxation and really outstanding food, as Chef Dieter Koschina is holding his 2 Stars Michelin already since 1999.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or if you want to spend some family time away from all, it’s a flawless place for it. And with Graccioza’s products gracing their suites, a stay there becomes a a real delight.


What to do in Porto

We are not tired of saying how much we are proud of our roots! We love Porto, one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations, and we believe it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this city once you visit it.

So if you're thinking about paying us a visit, we have some suggestions for you!


1. Take a cruise on the Douro River

Taking a cruise along the Douro River is one of the best ways to see and experience the beauty of the city. You witness amazing views and sceneries, from the five bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto right up the Douro River eastwards to the Port wine vineyards.

There are several different types of cruises depending on your budget and the length of time you have to stay. 

2. Lose yourself in the city centre

In the city there are an unending number of buildings from different architectural styles, amongst which “Livraria Lello” stands out: one of the three most beautiful bookshops in the world. “Torre dos Clérigos” and “Casa da Música” are other top buildings to visit, each one of a very diverse style.

You can also find plenty of shopping options – commercial streets (like “Rua Santa Catarina”), local markets (like “Mercado do Bolhão”), shopping centres (like “Via Catarina”), and a lot of renowned restaurants and cafés (like “Majestic”: considered one of the most beautiful in the world, located in the heart of downtown Porto).

3. Experience a Porto Wine Cellar

Porto Wine is part of the city DNA and is present in the city’s life in a multitude of forms. The Port Wine Cellars - located in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river from the old city centre of Porto - is where the companies age the wines they produce in the Demarcated Region of Douro, in old wooden barrels. 

It is possible to have guided tours and tastings of different varieties of the Port wine, where you can learn about its history. 

4. Enjoy an evening in a esplanade

Porto is a riverside city, also bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its pleasant beaches and appetizing esplanades together with its excellent climate make the perfect scenery for an evening drink. 

Find the perfect esplanade for you in one of the marinas or docks in Vila Nova de Gaia, Foz or Matosinhos.

porto ribeira

And don't forget: if you're near, you're also welcome to visit Graccioza's showroom. Just get in touch!

Three great places to visit in October

Now that the summer crowds are gone and the season is changing it feels like the perfect time to explore a new place. If you’re like us and sometimes love to getaway and be inspired by new experiences, this is one of the best moments to do it. Get inspired by the beauty of this world and draw that inspiration into your work and life, that's our advise!

So, without further delay, here are some of our choices:


Vermont is a state known for its natural landscape, which is 75% forest. It’s a place that explodes in colors - from the typical fall bright reds, yellows and oranges, to the greens of its pastures and mountains.

Pack your bags and get ready to explore the scenic roads along the Atlantic Coast or chose the best shoes and equip yourself for a walk in one of the region’s many forests. There's a lot to do!


Istanbul is a fascinating city built on two Continents, Europe and Asia. There you can experience the combination of a modern western city and a traditional city, in a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. 

Its busy summer season has tailed off by October, so you can visit top sights like Topkapı Palace or Aya Sofya with no difficulty. Also, give a chance to Beyoğlu: the perfect place to eat, drink and socialize; to see and be seen.


If you’re searching for some time-off in the American Continent but with a European twist, get to Montreal, where a ride through the cobblestone streets and the city’s historic center buildings will make you feel in Europe. Montreal has a vibrant French culture, world class restaurants, chic shopping possibilities and a very cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The Notre-Dame Basilica is a place to visit, even if you’re not religious: it’s one of the finest of its kind, with one of the most ornate gothic facades in the world, and a strikingly beautiful chapel at the back.

Idyllic escape at Luz Houses

A getaway to a place of complete harmony can be a very needed and memorable moment of a person's life. There’s something really special about an escape to a place where you can just relax, surrounded by the best of nature in a calm and peaceful environment. 

And that’s exactly what Luz Houses represents! This hideaway in Fatima, Portugal, which welcomed our Portuguese Woven Bath Mats to a special photo session, is all about guarantying a stress-free atmosphere where people can clear their minds and feed their souls.

luz houses.png

Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Luz Houses is probably one of Fatima’s best-kept secrets. There, every house has a story and the village is hidden in a mystical forest that invites you to get lost where the past, present and future play with each other, in harmony. 

If you’re looking to take a break from the hectic swing of a busy season, there’s no better place to do it than this! You can breathe the fresh and pure air, you can hear the birds singing, you can explore the forest, you can absorbe all the energy that nature has to offer and simply recharge.

Also, find Graccioza Bath Towels, Rugs and Robes on their suites.


Welcome Autumn

We love every season of the year in here. We do! Every one of them has its own charm and inspire us in a different way. Now that we are welcoming autumn in Portugal, it’s no different!

It’s a fascinating time of the year! The temperature is still comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities; the golden feeling of autumn leaves break into every park and garden of the country; it’s the perfect season to have a cup of tea enjoying the warm sunshine; and even if it eventually rains (we know that happens) you can stay under the duvet watching films or you can just light a fire and appreciate some quality time.

In short, here comes an exciting time of the year! We are no longer sad that the summer is gone, but we are ready for a new, creative and motivating chapter. And we are starting it by showing you some of our latest photography  work, together with our Premium Long Double Loop Bath Towels.

Make your Autumn count! We will do the same!

Some praise from "O, The Oprah Magazine"

We do our work with love and excellence. From the design to the production, we are detail-oriented and we leave nothing left to chance. We do it because we are passionate about our vision, because we want to offer our customers not only the best products, but the best experience. That’s our mission and what really moves us forward!

So after such hard work, it feels incredible when we are recognized around the world. We’re not going to lie: it’s good when people give us some praise and get to love our products as much as we do. O, The Oprah Magazine has given us a little bit of love today… 

Here's the thing about good towels: they get better with every wash. This brightly colored line by Graccioza, made of Egyptian cotton, starts out softer than most, with extra-long fibers to create a truly silk-tastic feel.

…and we are pretty flattered by that! Thank you!